Loans without credit rating: cash without a credit check


Loans without credit check are becoming increasingly popular. This is because many consumers are in debt or have a bad credit check score due to negative entries. As a result, banks reject numerous loan applications, which means that those affected have to keep their eyes open for alternatives.

A serious option is to go to the pawnbroker, where car owners can loan their vehicle and get an instant loan. you can realize your plan and benefit from plenty of experience, attractive conditions and customer-friendly service that is impressive. Secure short-term liquidity by mortgaging your vehicle and receiving a mortgage for 3 months – at your professional car pawnshop for bridging loans!

Which loans without credit check can I apply for?

Which loans without credit check can I apply for?

All loans without credit check that you receive are attractive instant loans. This means that you will receive the loan amount immediately if the mortgage loan agreement is signed and you have handed over the vehicle, including keys and documents, to us. We also refer to our loans as short-term bridging loans and the term deposit loan is also correct.

Basically, we’re always talking about the same product. However, as you or we may ultimately call it: credit check never plays a role and has no effect on your individual instant loan, which you receive for pledging your vehicle.

Which vehicles can I pledge to get loans without credit check?

Which vehicles can I pledge to get loans without credit check?

You get loans without credit check whenever you pledge at least one of a total of 6 possible vehicle types. We are most often supposed to keep cars for our customers. This is not surprising since cars are the most widespread vehicles. But you can also borrow motorcycles and mobile homes from us at any time.

There are also trucks, (sports) boats and historic vehicles, which are also known as classic cars. Of course you can contact us and ask if you can also use other vehicles with us as a deposit. We will examine your case and will surely find a mutually satisfactory solution.

What do I have to do for a loan without credit check?

What do I have to do for a loan without credit check?

First of all: You can secure loans without credit check without any bureaucracy. We forego the tedious process of filling out documents and do not delay the payment of your instant loan with annoying waiting times.

Please contact the location in your area and communicate important vehicle information such as model, mileage, condition or subsequently installed extras. This can be done by phone or fax. Based on your data, we calculate the vehicle deposit value, which in turn determines the amount of your bridging loan. If you agree, we will make an appointment with you and quickly process the handover.

What are the costs associated with loans without credit check?

What are the costs associated with loans without credit check?

Loans without credit check get along quite well without credit agencies, but unfortunately not without costs. we cannot do without them, so you can count on 3 specific points. It refers to:

  • interest
  • fees
  • demurrage

The transparent costs for our loans without credit check are guaranteed to be within the laws applicable. We calculate the loan fees and the interest exactly to the day, month by month, while the stand fee is calculated daily.

Are loans without credit check really discreet?

You now know that we will pay you our loans without credit check. We give you our word of honor that we have not or will not rely on the services of the Wiesbaden credit agency in the past or in the future. We also do without other credit agencies that could send us information about your economic circumstances. We do not cooperate with any such company and are not interested in your income situation.

The motives that led you to us remain your secret as well. We are happy to give you a single date, not to run to other customers on the road. Discretion is very important to us when we grant our loans without credit check!

Why should I apply for loans without credit check?


If you apply for your loan without credit check , there are many advantages and pro-arguments waiting for you. From conversations with our customers we know that many appreciate our great experience. We have been active in the automotive industry for over 30 years and our 10 years of professional experience in the areas of car pawn and pawnbrokerage has a positive effect on all processes.

Trust us to store your car in an insured building and to maintain it regularly, for example by checking the tire pressure. Now pawn your vehicle – a member of the mortgage lending industry – and secure cash without credit check, hidden costs and fees as well as without credit and income checks!

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